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Why web content is so important ?

Nowadays internet is part of our everyday life. Connected people usually do from 3 to 4 searches a day, which makes 63,000 searches worldwide every seconds on Google. Facebook has 2,45 billions subscribers.
Have you ever wonder what are they looking for ? Usually, they are looking for answers, laughing, get marveling, keep informed… Actually, they consume content, every day and in great quantity. This is homo digitalus addiction !
You could find every kind of content on internet: good and bad. Of course people are looking for the most relevant content. And that’s good for your business ! Indeed, providing quality content will strengthen the loyalty and trust the reader will give you. Furthermore it allows you to keep the reader longer on your website and be more likely to convert them as customers. Then, a good content strategy will boost your notoriety. If you provide relevant content, you will be see as an expert in your domain and people will like, share, recommend and eventually post a link from their website to yours.

Photo de Noe Cauvin, freelance wordpress, concepteur de site web et web marketing
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