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What is webmarketing ?

Web marketing include all the operations that tend to link a product or service to is target customer on internet.

It allows the business to rise its profits and to customers to find easily what they are looking for.

Webmarketing key is to obtain a qualified traffic on the website. Which you will convert into customers. On a website, 51% of the traffic comes from organic traffic, 10 % from paid traffic such as Google Ads, 5% from the social medias and 34%from other sources. (Have a look on amazing SEO statistics)

Furthermore, it is also important to practice inbound marketing, by adopting the right content strategy. Nice and revenant content will attract and hold customers. Soon, his engagement will makes him your brand ambassador. Quality content makes shares ! Obviously that’s what we want to raise notoriety and build a good incoming links to your website (which is really in an SEO perspective)

My services as a freelance in webmarketing

booster son trafic avec SEO freelance

Organic search engine optimisation - SEO

Organic traffic is one of the most important lever of web marketing. It provides good long term results for a moderate cost. Then you get it, to be on first Google page you don’t need a miracle but a good search engine optimisation (SEO). This is one of the service I’m offering as a freelance in web marketing. From strategy to operation I manage the SEO of your company to bring you on the top of Google searches. My SEO service is made both of technical operations and content creation. I’ll make your website perform better and more revelant to users and search engines.

Ads campaigns Google Ads and Facebook

The SEA : search engine advertising allows to boost your traffic and gives great results in a short-time term. My SEA service include all the management of the campaign. Using my technical skills and  marketing knowledges to set it properly, only the target  will be reach and so the cost will be scaled down. Professional Google Ads management ensure you a good  return on investment (ROI).

freelance community manager

Digital communication

Social medias are nowadays a must do to reach your target online. They allow to create a strong community, manage the customer relationship, gain more traffic and sell your products or services. As a freelance in web marketing I provide original and rich contents as articles, photos and videos as well as the management of your social platforms and your digital community.