WordPress websites development

Showcase website

This is the digital place where you show your identity, what you have to offer and corporate informations for the visitor.

As a freelance WordPress developper I create showcase website that are really simple one-page to ones that feature more services as a map, a calendar an instagram recap, a presentation video etc.

I would recommend to complement your showcase website with a blog that will boost your SEO and by the way your trafic. Then your website will redirect to your store (web to store) and increase your notoriety and sales.


Hey PSSST : In any case it’s not freeze and I can add pages and plugins in the future !

E-business website

You may be a pure player (what means you only sell online) or adopt a click and mortar strategy (it means your online business comes in synergy with your physical place). Both strategies involved an awesome and efficient website for you online business.

What I provided is a customer oriented website in order to increase sales.

Then, an efficient website doesn’t mean you won’t be able to deal with. My goal is that you stay the captain of your vessel !

theme prestashop e-business

Want to make sure to be in the first Google result page ?

If your trafic rely on search engines (such as Google), you need to consider a search engine optimisation (SEO).
I’m SEMrush certified and my services includes strategy and operational SEO !

Want to learn more about CMS development ?

Go ahead !

WordPress development

What is WordPress ?

WordPress is a CMS, a Content Management System (what’s a CMS?). By the way it’s the most used CMS to build website in the all world. Using this tool I can offer personalized websites at the best prices with the best quality. It also means the back office will be easy to handle for you (maybe after a quick training I can provide).

Why would you pay for a formula 1 if you just wanna go to work in a safe and confortable car?

Wordpress development

Frequent questions

  • Frequently updated
  • Safe and secure
  • SEO friendly
  • Responsive
  • Many plugins and themes
  • Affordable development
  • 75,000,000 websites
  • Personal, SMEs, large companies (as Microsoft, BBS America, Facebook, Sony Music…)

I can provide training to manage:

  • articles
  • text and photo content
  • products on your shop

Don’t be afraid, it is easy !

It could be 500 € or 20,000+ €.

The price of your website depend on:

  • Will you provide the content?
  • How many pages do you need ?
  • Do you need special plugins as a calendar or a payment system ?
  • And more…

Don’t be shy, ask for a quotation, it’s free !